Free Lunch

Free Lunch

In investing, there is no profit without risk—there is no “free lunch.” However, in personal finance, there is free money—sometimes, it only costs a little bit of time and effort.

Below I’ve compiled a list of ideas that should take minimal time and effort while helping you save, earn, or find cash.


What is the current interest rate your bank is offering on your savings? Most banks are still paying less than a quarter of a percent. If your cash is earning less than 3 percent, now might be a good time to shop around. Most large banks have continued to hold rates on deposits very low. Brokers aren’t much better; the “High” Yield Savings account at Schwab pays .43%. Some online banks are averaging over 3% here, here, or here.

MVWM is now utilizing a service that will keep your extra cash safe in FDIC-insured accounts while earning up to a 3.91% yield.

Let us know if you’d like to review your options.

Free Money

When checks from companies aren’t deposited (think cable, utilities, etc.) or lost trust accounts from that rich relative go unclaimed, that money is transferred to the relevant State Treasury. There are billions of unclaimed checks, stocks, and credit balances. Most people come up empty-handed, but we’ve witnessed a few have success.

You can try your luck here.


If you’re a business owner or have the ear of the CFO, this company can help your business find and apply for available tax credits for business activities that involve Research and Development.


If you’re going to make a purchase, you might as well use a payment method that will let you earn rewards, cash back, or miles. There are a lot of websites that can help you find the card that will help you maximize rewards based on your spending habits.

Start here.

Shopping (2.o)

Let tech clip your coupons. Once an extension is added, they’ll provide you with promotional codes for checkout. Three of the most popular are onetwo, and three.


If you have any questions or money-saving ideas, please share.

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