It’s Time To Review Your Tax Returns

During the months of March and April, we want to help you identify planning opportunities (and spot potential issues) with your tax returns

drawing of Uncle Sam pointing at several tax letters

Reviewing your tax returns now is opportune because there is still time to address issues before next year (and you may have time to amend returns if needed). If we work together now, we can help identify…

  • If there was a change in your finances last year and you are paying excess estimated taxes;
  • Additional ways to reduce your tax liability for this year; and
  • Possible omissions or mistakes made by the tax preparer.

Tax returns can be daunting and challenging given the many state and federal complexities and often changing rules. Tracking your exposure to various taxes (e.g., ordinary income tax, capital gains tax, the alternative minimum tax, the net investment income tax, etc.), and your rights to various credits and deductions require time and effort.

To assist you in reviewing your filings, we have a checklist for retired taxpayers and one for taxpayers who are still working. Each list outlines nearly two dozen considerations to help guide you through your returns and circumstances.

While the checklists can help you spot great ways to identify all the different opportunities to consider, we are always available to meet with you and discuss your finances and goals and determine your best options.

Please contact us today to schedule a time to discuss this further.


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