Meet Max

Meet Max

For those looking to earn more on their FDIC Insured savings accounts - I’m happy to share with you Max, where you can earn up to 4.21%.

Who is Max? Max is an intelligent cash management service designed to help you earn more on your cash.

How does Max work? Max proposes to you allocations of funds among your own bank accounts to maximize yield and FDIC insurance coverage. When banks change rates, Max periodically proposes to you reallocations of your funds to help you earn the highest yield. If you do not adjust, postpone, or reject Max’s proposed optimization, Max will send your funds transfer instructions to your bank on your behalf to implement the proposed optimization. Your banks will then execute funds transfers between your bank accounts in accordance with your transfer instructions.

How long does setup take? With Max, you can open new high-yield savings accounts in as little as 60 seconds.

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